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OMG!: July 25, 2011

Soooo Cali,

I haven't posted in a while, I'm sorry. . . if anyone even reads this. But everything is currently going into a splendid plan.... I hope.
Currently, I am moving into a new and better apartment! It's really lovely.

Youtube vids will be going up. . . . some day. . . .

Ariel cosplay is coming together I got most of the costume done, I just need to fix the shirt. The wig is FANTASTIC! I got a dull red wig (cause of my skin tone), but I got two of them and I'm glad I did because they are very thin, so I wefted both the wigs into one and extended the length with extra lace and it's PERFECT! Very lovely. The bangs are easy to style, so I will have that done soon as well. Here is an teaser pic:
Pretty sweet huh? I just need blue contacts and the cosplay will be complete! (and maybe a flounder. . .)
Next, I ordered my Gaara wig, so that will be coming soon, then I have to dye it a bit with FW ink. That will be an interesting experiance. I found the perfect Gaara contacts too! A bright Green colour!
Then Sebastian is last on the list for me. I'm tackling him later.....

Mercon is coming up reeeeal soon. Going as Mermaid Man and My Bestie is Barnicle boy....

okay. Got to go!



c 2011

Writer's Block: Happily ever after…

What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

aaldfjaldjfladsjflsdflsdfldsfldsjfldsjflsdjflsadflsd Live Happily Ever After.

faldfjalsdjflsadjflsdjf;asjflsdfjldfjlsflsdjlslsfjfladsjadf df The End.
c 2011

MERCON!: July 12, 2011

Yo Kitty Cal!

So I found out I'm able to go to MERMAID CON! Though, My Best Friend and I have to be '15' in order to get the cheap tickets, I don't care as long as we get to go. I ain't payin' $35 for some ticket to a convention that just started this year and might suck. . . *sigh*. So, I'm being 15 years old (which I can pass for, trust me on this) and only paying $10. That seems more worth it. . .
But I sooo can't wait to go!

Today, I just started working on my Ariel's 'kiss the girl' dress in the bodice section, I'm still waiting for the rest of my fabric to come in, which is starting to irritate me because it hasn't come in yet! ERRRR!

c 2011

Tippity Tap Tap: July 6, 2011


I just came from ballet. . . and I hate ballet. Sadly, my mother is forcing me to do so, but it will help with my furture career . . . But it's not what I want to currently do. . . You see, I've always dreamed of Tap. . . Tap Dancing. I love tap dancing, but I'm not allow to do so because I have to 'prove myself' to ballet first. . . I reall want tap. . . I hate it when I say I love tap and then people tap circles around me . . . it's annoying. I really hate my ballet class. It consist of nothing but blonde haired, blue eyes, valley girls with perfect turns, jumps, and pioettes. . .or however you spell it. . . They all look at me like a dirty, poor, third-world country child that hasn't eaten a gourmet meal since birth. God forbid I move a muscle!  

. . .  I JUST WANT TAP!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have to reasure myself everyday that I'm only doing ballet for tap. Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

In ballet, they want you to be a swan . . . I just want to f--ing tap my a** off!

P.S. I'm moving out of my house. . .

c 2011

The Mall!: July 3, 2011

Dear Cali,

I recently spent the night over at my friend's house, Rachel and we had a quick cosplay day. Which we always do for some reason we're together. It's also her birthday tomorrow and gladly gave her her gifts, (a grell wig and the blonde one you see in the picture, she was sooo happy.) So, we gathered some awesome clothes and hit the mall.

We (somewhat) cosplayed as Ciel Phantomhive (me) and Elizabeth Middleforth (Rachel) from the anime Kuroshitsuji. We got a lot of people looking at us with weird eyes---which is funny seeing how it wasn't odd for people to wear this type of clothing in the Victorian days. Everyone turned their heads and questioned the laws of clothing. Last time we went to the mall dressed up was during the Halloween season and we got stopped by a mall cop and was asked to leave or wear 'proper clothing' apparently what we were wearing was 'against the Mall Code of Conduct'. Which doesn't make sense since we were fully clothed and not bothering anyone, but this time we had a pleasant response from a lot of people. We had many compliments and people asked us if we came from a party and told them that it was just for fun. They gave us weird looks.
Why do I dress up and go out? Because I never got to do such a wonderful thing when I was younger, but because I have a wonderful best friend, I love to have fun. Thanks Sam.
I wish I had more pictures, but we were Having fun with the Just Dance game. This is our favourite song: Jump in the Line by Harry Belaforte.

Rachel's Deviantart: http://www.ObessionCycle.Deviantart.com <--check out her Art and Cosplay sometime!
My Deviantart: http://www.Wonnderland.Deviantart.com


c 2011



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