Dear Cali, My Dearest Loving Cat. . .

I'm not sure really to say about myself, maybe it's because I'm not really too sure about myself. I tend to be a philsopher and yet a person who never finishes things, but will strive to do so. . . I'm hopeful in a hopeless manner. Deep down inside I'm still a kid that tries to grow up too fast. . . will later on realize the problem and being to slow down and cherise the commodities of life again. . . I'm a terrible speller and once I'm on a rant I never correct my grammar. I'm a person that no one really listens to, but I will definately listen to you. I'm Italian and African-American with medium dark tan skin, but deeply wishes I were white. I try to stay away from the sun so I wont get tan. I speak english, french, and the fantasy language Atlantean (from Disney's A:TLE) I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE Disney fan. It's all I grew up with. . . I still play with some of my barbie dolls? I'm a cellist, alto singer, and beginning dancer . . . I hope you learn more about me and maybe relate somehow. . . maybe not. I just hope someone will listen and I can completely be honest within my life by starting this. . . journal? I guess I have to start somewhere, somehow.
dressing up, my cat: cali, performing., singing, that keeps me happy., the classic fairytale kind., the non-crying kind., threatre